UABR donates building for CONAPE headquarters in reverted areas

December 17, 2021

The Executive Secretary of the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets (UABR), Fernando Paniagua, made the formal delivery of the public deed, which formalizes the transfer, free of charge, of the current headquarters of the National College of Journalism (CONAPE).

The authority indicated that the assignment by the National Government to CONAPE strengthens democracy and the union that is responsible for transmitting the news truth, and they are pleased to support organizations that carry out a laudable work such as that of professionals in the communication.

Paniagua added that the donation consists of housing 0760-A, and Lot 0760-A, located in the township of Ancón, district and province of Panama, it will be very useful for the training and offices of the journalistic union.

The Secretary of the UABR indicated that the property has an area of land of 473.15 m2, and a value of one hundred and forty-six thousand, eight hundred and seventy-five with 85/100 (B /. 146,875.85).2, y un valor de ciento cuarenta y seis mil, ochocientos setenta y cinco con 85/100 (B/. 146,875.85).

The president of CONAPE, Griselda Melo, who received the deeds, thanked the National Government and stressed is a privilege that the headquarters of the College of Journalists is located in reversed areas, which has been the scene of generational struggles to enjoy the sovereignty that Panamanians have today.

"Today closes a very important cycle that began in the last CONAPE administration, to officially obtain the deeds of the headquarters of the collective, and the action prompts us to new challenges and goals to train and educate journalists at the national level" he concluded Melo.

They accompanied the president of CONAPE, Blanca Gómez, former president of the union, Lorenzo Gonzalez Palma, Ukraine Cecilia Molina and Zaida Herrera, representing journalists from the Republic of Panama.

The National Association of Journalistsestablished on September 4, 1986, with the aim of obtaining a constituted union to continue the fight for freedom of the press and expression in Panama.