Great potential for your investment close to the Panama Canal

The great economic and social impact that the Reverted Areas has stimulated in our country has made this area a special place, where each of the projects developed there, both in the Atlantic and Pacific sectors, have exceeded the expectations of success.

The Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF / UABR), is the entity in charge of managing and arranging for sale all the assets of the reverted areas, in order to execute commercial, industrial, residential, tourist and logistics. It currently has 4,591 hectares that are awaiting the development of important investment projects that will be part of this large conglomerate.

Panama offers countless advantages that make it competitive in different fields. The constant progress thanks to the International Banking Center, the largest free zone in the Hemisphere: The Colon Free Zone, the Hub of Copa Airlines, added to success in tourism, and now with the Expansion of the Canal de Panama has begun to become a reality through the multiple investments that materialize day by day in the various economic sectors. 

In recent years, Panama has had an increase in its economy due to the large projects developed and the methods used to encourage direct foreign investment, granting innumerable advantages to its investors, which has positioned it among the leaders of the region. In addition, given its privileged geographical location, Panama has become a transit country for foreigners, where the biodiversity of landscapes has allowed a significant rise in the tourism sector. 

This is how Panama has achieved a positive flow of eminently profitable investment and has legal security and stability with multiple advantages to offer the investor, who seeks to plan and develop his tax or business strategy and invites him to work for the strengthening of trade. International in a friendly and safe environment.