Law 22 of Public Procurement

The objective of the Act o Public Contracting is to establish the rules and basic principles of mandatory compliance that will regulate the public contracts performed by the Government, the autonomous and semi-autonomous entities, the financial intermediaries and corporations in which the State owns fifty one percent (51%) or more of its stocks and patrimony.

The faithful compliance of the rules and juridical principles that regulate the selection procedures of the contractor contained in Act 22 of June 27th of 2006, which govern the preparation and execution of the contractual will of the selection procedures , guarantees the participation of a greater number of bidders allowing a higher competitiveness, equal opportunities, advertising of the public act and transparency on the public management. A greater control and performance of the public funds is obtained allowing the administration to select and award the proposal that offers greater advantages in quality of the bided property, of the required service, technical and financial capability of the contractors; as well as to offer a greater opportunity and fairness to the participants.

Laws, Resolutions and Decrees
Law No. 153 that reforms Law No. 22 of 2006 that regulates public procurement and dictates other provisions
Law No. 190 of December 17, 2020 that regulates the first option to purchase rented homes in the reverted areas
Resolution No. 110-16 that regulates the sale parameters of the remaining lots
Resolution No. 002 of March 15, 2013, whereby the functions of the Division for the Promotion and Sale of State Assets are annulled
Decree 67 of May 25, 2006 by which the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets is created, within the structure of the Ministry of Economy and Finance