El Gobierno Nacional a través de la @uabrpma entregó tres escrituras públicas a arrendatarios que aplicaron a la primera opción de compra, de acuerdo a lo establecido en la LEY 190 DE 17 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2020. #PanamáEsUnGranPaís

Facilitamos un correo electrónico para su conveniencia: smdiaz@mef.gob.pa. Tenga presente el uso responsable del área, seguir las indicaciones y respetar las medidas dictadas por el MINSA.
Mayor información: Panamá 511-9600 / 9700 Colón 470-0424
Nos unimos a los esfuerzos del Gobierno de la provincia de Panamá apoyando, con personal técnico y recursos, el programa CON Escuelas 2022 para alcanzar las metas trazadas y lograr el retorno seguro de nuestros estudiantes a clases presenciales.

In view of the next national festivities, the @uabrpma of @mefpma carries out renovation work in the historic Cerro Ancón to receive the various scheduled civic events, which, as every year, are carried out with the support of this Unit. It be noted that the UABR carries out periodic maintenance in this emblematic area that is hoisted by our pavilion and very especially in our ephemeris.

As part of the civic campaign "I Love Amador", the UABR continues to work on rescuing cobblestones, sidewalks, viewpoints and gardens of the pedestrian area for the enjoyment of visitors to the Amador Causeway. Be part of this campaign promoting the cleanliness of this area that makes us all fall in love.

Campaña Cívica "I Love Amador"

 "I Love Amador" is a civic campaign promoted by the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets (UABR) in coordination with other directorates of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), in order to raise awareness among visitors to Amador.

Let's take care of the green areas, viewpoints, pedestrians and structures; making good use of waste to keep these areas litter-free. The UABR, for its part, continues to work on the rescue, repair and renovation of public areas.

Mantenimiento de Áreas Verdes

We have at the disposal of the residents of the reverted areas the telephone number: 511-9608 and the email: reportesareasverdes@mef.gob.pa, to make communication more efficient and thus provide support to the community with maintenance work in green areas such as: available lots, easements, remaining lots and undeveloped areas, managed by this unit in the Pacific sector. reportesareasverdes@mef.gob.pa, para hacer más eficiente la comunicación y así brindar apoyo a la comunidad con los trabajos de mantenimiento en áreas verdes como: lotes disponibles, servidumbres, lotes remanentes y áreas no desarrollables, administradas por esta unidad en el sector Pacífico.

Hours of operation: from 8:00 a.m. at 4:00 p.m. Tree reports for pruning or felling must be made according to inspection and technical criteria.