UABR assigns property to the SENNiAF for Specialized Attention Center

September 16, 2021

In order to take advantage of the reverted assets available for works of a social nature, the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets (UABR) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), as use and administration, granted the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (SeNNiAF), building No. 6303, located in Farfán, Veracruz district.

The executive secretary of the UABR, Fernando Paniagua, reported that the entity seeks to offer support to the SENNiAF, to generate accommodation spaces and contribute to the development of the functions carried out by the government entity.

He explained that at the beginning of the pandemic the need arose to equip the Secretariat with shelters for adolescents, for which the UABR granted a property located in the Amador sector, to provide support to the aforementioned entity.

After the premises arranged in Amador, "we received a formal request from the SENNiAF, through its director, Graciela Mauad, to seek new options for structures in the reverted areas, consolidating the alternative in the Farfán sector," Paniagua stressed.

He reiterated that, through an anticipated act, the property was delivered as use and administration to this institution, while the corresponding administrative procedures for a formal resolution of allocation are secured.

The director of the SeNNiAF stated that a Specialized Attention Center for Girls and Adolescents will operate in the building, with the purpose of providing comprehensive care, with psychology, emotional support, social work and nursing services.