They carry out cleaning work on the Amador road

September 13, 2021

As part of the civic campaign "I Love Amador", the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets (UABR), of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), in coordination with the Urban and Home Cleaning Authority (AAUD), carried out cleaning work in 1.9 kilometers of the Amador coastline.

The executive secretary of the UABR, Fernando Paniagua, stated that the work was carried out by the Technical Department of Public Infrastructure of the UABR, and the staff of the AAUD.

Mechanical sweepers, trucks and collectors were used in the cleaning. The action included removing the paint from the piles, cleaning the sidewalks and streets.

The civic campaign "I Love Amador" is promoted by the UABR to raise awareness in the users of the Amador road, so that they contribute to the care, maintenance and cleaning of this area of public and tourist recreation par excellence.