The UABR will offer a modern service to investors and potential clients

September 22, 2021

Through its website

In accordance with a more efficient content management system and with updated tools, the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets (UABR) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), implemented the new website of the entity, with the aim of offering a platform accessible and modern technology to investors and potential national and international clients, as well as to residents and users of the reverted areas.

The executive secretary of UABR, Fernando Paniagua, stated that, through a new website at the forefront of technology, with new applications, required search engines, ease of use of mobile devices and the basic needs for the promotion of the reversed assets, we will continue with a responsible administration of these resources that contribute and positively impact the national economy.

He stated that the new website will allow investors, users and residents of the reverted areas to receive updated information on the projects carried out by the unit and will be able to view the plans and actions of "UABR in your community", a program for the care , maintenance and security of the assets and reverted areas.

He stressed that by 2022, it seeks to innovate through the implementation of an online auction process, which is why this new website is essential to be able to execute this project, which aims to guarantee that the process of awarding goods through public auctions is transparent.

The implementation of the new website, represents the legacy that will contribute to the economic boost of reverted assets, for the development of the Republic of Panama.,  representa el legado que contribuirá al impulso económico de los bienes revertidos, para el desarrollo de la República de Panamá.

In the new web portal, current techniques and more user-friendly navigation options are implemented for its visitors. The website is available to users from September 7, 2021.