Private investment in the Amador Causeway exceeds B/. 70 million

January 17, 2023

Elevating the Amador Causeway, to the historical and tourist category of the Old Town of the capital city, is one of the goals for this 2023, said the executive secretary of the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets (UABR) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Fernando Paniagua.

The initiative seeks to guarantee that the Amador Causeway continues to be an orderly area where activities are carried out within the established parameters, this guaranteeing that it is an attractive area for nationals and foreigners added the executive secretary.

Paniagua pointed out that the UABR has documented that private investment in the Amador Causeway exceeds 70 million dollars and that it has generated direct income for the institution in terms of rental fees for more than 30 million balboas.

Important investments currently made in the Amador Causeway, such as its expansion, the new cruise terminal, and Convention Center, connection with the Cinta Costera 3. Works are part of the Master Development Plan that the Authority prepared at the time of the Interoceanic Region, today UABR.

At the same time, the executive secretary of the UABR stressed that nationals and foreigners have free mobility on the Amador Causeway. However, he pointed out that two radars are located on the Perico and Flamenco islands, one for air traffic and the other for maritime traffic, whose access is restricted for security reasons.

On Flamenco Island, a new investment is being developed that began in 2022 for an approximate amount of five million balboas, where a protection fence was placed with a "no trespassing" notice for the purpose of visitors as well as civil works, Paniagua said.

Investment that will generate a new tourist attraction on Flamenco Island concluded the executive secretary of the UABR.