Add 48 historical panels to the tourist offer of the Amador Causeway

January 25, 2023

The incorporation of historical and educational elements in the Amador Causeway, an initiative of the Amador Foundation, the organization responsible for the Biomuseo, was supported since it was presented to the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets (UABR) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

The exhibition entitled, "Amador: Yesterday and Today", consists of the installation of 48 educational panels on the history of the reverted areas along the 3.5 kilometers of the Amador Causeway, built in 1913 by the United States government, a military base with the purpose of protecting the entrance of the Pacific side of the Interoceanic Canal.

"Beyond being an additional attraction for tourists, it is an exhibition with images never seen before in Panama and we have collaborated with the necessary approvals," said the executive secretary of the UABR, Fernando Paniagua.

"In the Amador Master Development Plan, we have guaranteed a significant number of common areas that are freely accessible and free for nationals and foreigners and we invite families to come and enjoy the attractions of the Amador Causeway," concluded Paniagua.

The US Embassy Public Diplomacy Grant Program funded the permanent exhibit.