Construction, commerce and banking system are stable

March 21, 2023

- Highlights Executive Secretary of UABR -

The construction and trade sectors are recovering in a much-sustained way in the country, said the Executive Secretary of the Administrative Unit of Reverted Goods (UABR), Fernando Paniagua, when participating in the opening ceremony of the exhibition Convivienda 2023.

"We are going through a key moment of frank economic recovery, where Convivienda brings together exhibitors, builders and real estate agents to offer their products, projects and residential offers to give opportunity and better benefits to Panamanians," said Paniagua.

He highlighted that, in 2022, Panama closed with an economic growth of 10.8%, represented by economic transactions in the order of more than 76 billion balboas, which is the nominal gross domestic product of the country.

He stressed that the Panamanian economy has shown strong growth, leading growth in the region, expecting a 2023 with growth in activities such as construction and trade.

The Convivienda fair, intends to offer a benefit to Panamanian families, interested in the acquisition of a new house, facilitating them to know in one place, the housing developers who represent the Seal of Quality, compare costs and make the decision to invest with security, support and confidence.