Order to proceed for maintenance of green areas in reverted areas

April 5, 2023

An order to proceed for the maintenance in different communities, of the reverted areas of the Pacific sector, delivered the executive secretary of the Administrative Unit of Reverted Goods (UABR) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Fernando Paniagua, to the Consorcio Pacifico Verde.

The contract with a cost of 2 million 990 thousand 536 balboas with 79 hundredths, added the ITBMS, includes the cleaning of these areas for the next 36 months, and the works to be developed consist of cutting grass, blowing in residential areas, cleaning ditches and fences, Pruning of trees less than four meters high among other activities in the Calzada de Amador, the residential areas of the Ancón district and the road to Veracruz, among others in the sector.

The secretary of the UABR mentioned that the importance is to have a harmonious landscape that results in well-being for the community and according to the tourist areas as a lover, while ensuring that there is adequate maintenance.

He said that keeping green areas clean is the responsibility of citizens, to do this should avoid littering the streets, to obstruct the storm drains and above all to help us to monitor the faithful fulfillment of this contract that we are sure that after a long administrative process will benefit the community and residents of the areas reverted.

Ennio Arcia, representing the Pacific Green Consortium, said that the company is pleased to contribute to the maintenance and development of the reverted areas of the Panama Canal, It is also very important for the company to be able to hire Panamanian staff for the various activities that are required.