UABR protects the reverted areas to avoid damage and invasions

17 de June de 2022

With the purpose of granting protection to the assets managed by the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets (UABR), collaborators of the Department of Protection and Custody, cleaned and repaired the fence in the perimeters of lot CG-0206, located in Veracruz.

Periodically, the inspections carried out in different areas of Veracruz, with the intention of placing signs that prevent residents from passing through the lands belonging to the State, are managed and protected by the UABR, since they are located within reverted areas.

There are precedents of cases of lots located within the reverted areas, which have been invaded and where the UABR authorities and the National Government Security bodies have had to intervene.

The UABR, as an institution in charge of overseeing the administration, development and custody of the assets reverted to the Nation, has the responsibility of protecting the structures and land that are property of the State, in order to avoid illegal appropriations and invasions within these areas.